Here, I think, there

Here, I think, there Teenagers want that you did the same that you demand from them.

Here, I think, there is a question: how strongly you want that we did not drink and did not smoke?

There is enough?

FROM VERBALIZATIONS TO PREVENTIONS Whether the l is in general something to that teenagers WILL BELIEVE and to what WILL LISTEN?


But best of all such conversations with them which strongly differ from habitual for you work.

According to teenagers, adults make success when they do not talk profusely pompously, and warn.

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Now by means

Now by means Now by means of tactile stimulation the baby studies and masters parts of the body.

At first it squeezes and unclenches fingers of hands, reduces handles together, moves fingers and hands, continually pulls hands in a mouth he enjoys tactile feelings, and here it cannot long keep visual attention yet.

Over time ability to look regarding is improved, and the kid starts looking at the movements of the hands at first he holds them directly before eyes, and everything removes them then farther and before again sending fingers to a mouth, looks how they move.

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Or not to be necessary. Exercises

Or not to be necessary. Exercises Wanted so, but it did not turn out.

Here failure!

Therefore my free council is as follows: NOT to be EXHAUSTED.

And accurately to understand that everything can go at all not as you planned I even have a history in this respect read in the following chapter.

All acquired ways of a relaxation, massage, breath can NOT HELP.

Or not to be necessary.

Exercises to be insufficient as the epiziotomiya will be all the same made.

But it does not mean at all that childbirth took place is unsuccessful.

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Conversation In questions of sex some parents, perhaps, will tell: Have no sex, you will not study in college yet, or to a certain age, or you will not make the family yet.

And even then treat it with responsibility.

As for drugs, here most often words sound so: Never try them.

Conversation Do not do it can be the most difficult for you both your child, and both parties, most likely, will be to their log hut corduroy road.

But consequences from such evasion where are worse, than nedol gy discomfort and awkwardness during conversation.

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How its movements

How its movements Dressing or undressing the kid, it is always necessary to give him opportunity most to do everything with what he is capable to cope.

How its movements were limited, he has to use and train them.

How to help the child when clothing How to dress the small child who has a tendency to a body flexure If you dress the child when he lies on a back, put him on an inclined surface that his head was a little higher, than feet.

Then it will be easier for you to incline the head of the kid forward and to remove forward his shoulders and hands, and also to bend feet in coxofemoral, knee and ankle joints.

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